Relationship Markers

February 6, 2012 § 1 Comment

I have been enjoying my new relationship and getting to know my new fella, Alex. We spend a load of time together, laughing, cooking and just enjoying one another’s company.

We have hit many relationship markers in a short amount of time (i.e. jacket shopping, support through a funeral, knee surgery, wedding attendance and more), however, I don’t think we were quite expecting to experience the next marker so soon. The one that everyone knows is coming, but secretly dreads…the “Fart Marker.”

Alex tells me that I do this cute little dance where I look like a penguin. My hands look likeFlapping Penguin penguin flipper wings and I guess I flap them at my sides. It’s often a source of enjoyment for him…and me I suppose.

One morning, while modelling his new winter jacket for me, Alex decided to flap his arms in the fashion that I dance. As his arms were coming down on the third flap, he flapped out a fart at the same time.

Alex is one to never get embarrassed. He loves being the centre of attention, and the more eyes that are on him, the better. However, when he realized that he just Penguin Farted, his faced went bright red – a shade of red I didn’t know existed. I automatically burst out laughing, trying to hold the laughter tears in since I had just finished my makeup. Alex ran behind me and buried his head on my shoulder blades…not wanting me to see the embarrassment that my manly man could have.

I have to say that, for me, it is probably one of my favourite moments of our relationship so far. I just hope that he doesn’t get over his embarrassment and see it as a free for all where all body noises are now allowed. I really don’t think he’s ready to hear my burps…

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